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Patient's Judge by Your Service Not Your Skills | OD Social Net
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Win People with a Better Experience


Patients Expect Better Service

Improving customer service isn’t an option for any Optometrist or other physician. Leaving people waiting for more than 10 minutes  isn’t an option. Ignoring their needs isn’t an option.

Your professional expertise is expected.  Its demanded. Its conferred by your white coat, first class equipment, sparkling office and how you handle people. Patients cannot judge the quality of your exam.

People Judge Based on What They Know

Instead people judge your practice by the things they know.

  • Was the staff friendly?
  • Is the office neat and tidy?
  • Was I offered a beverage?
  • Did I have to wait more than 10 minutes?
  • How do I feel?

Spending time on social networking is a waste of time if you don’t have your practice treating people right!

Serving Beverages

Serving a beverage makes total sense.

What you serve depends on your market and your clientele. In southern California, my guess is freshly squeezed fruit juice would be hip. An older clientele might like coffee while a younger patient group might want an espresso. Walk into an office in Florida in the summer, you bet a cold drink of water is needed!

Let your staff know to make sure people are treated as individuals.

Your Office Staff Reflects You

You can have a wall of awards, but if you are not a friendly person, odds are your staff won’t be.  Why? Because they deal with you all day.  If you are sarcastic about patient’s behind their backs, an egotism and elitism will spread like a disease.  And you better be meeting with your staff regularly.  Get their input on how to improve customer service and then help them implement the improvements.

Learn to be On Stage

If you are not a naturally outgoing person, develop a stage persona.  I don’t mean to create a false image, just know that when you walk into the office, its your stage. Will your audience enjoy your performance and tell their friends?  Will they like your staff and the total experience?

Remember, they know what they see and how you make them feel.  Here is an actual review with the doctor and practice name hidden. The underlines are mine.

“Dr. <name> and his staff are just great with kids. They are patient, gentle and work to gain the correct understanding of the symptoms they are experiencing. I take four kids (plus myself) to <practice name> and I’ve never been sorry for even a minute.”

Its all about how they made this patient feel.

So take the extra step   and walk the talk. Make sure your patients have a wonderful experience.  And go ahead and serve an appropriate beverage.


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